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About Us

Africa Flash is an active organization operating in both Sweden and Burkina Faso. We closely collaborate with our partner organization, Association Gosnere Burkina, to work on social, cultural, and economic development projects in Burkina Faso. Our work in Burkina Faso focuses on the Gosner health care project, as well as a socio-economic and cultural platform financed by Världsbutiken in Ystad.

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A community determine people!

The platform will also serve as an important meeting point for the area’s approximately 150 families, comprising roughly 600 people in a 2 square km area. It will offer various individual economic activities, such as vegetable and fruit farms, animal husbandry, restaurants, shops, and shea butter production. Gosnere Förening will provide regular training and demonstrations to motivate private economic promoters.

Why Choose Us


Cultural and sports activities will also be organized annually to attract more people to the platform, particularly children and young people who can benefit from the platform's facilities outside of school hours.
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Our goal is to promote a deeper understanding of what is happening in West Africa, using Burkina Faso as an example.
We aim to showcase the unifying forces of culture in Burkinabe society, despite the challenging socio-political situations they face.
Our project in Burkina Faso is centered on creating a social and economic development platform in the village of Mankoula.
The platform will be equipped with an electric water pump to provide drinking water and support vegetable and fruit cultivation during the long dry season.


Whatever we do, sustainability is the center of everything!

To promote sustainable development, the platform will incorporate various training programs on economic development, human rights, health issues, climate, and leisure activities. Climate issues will also be addressed, as economic development can contribute to nature conservation. Instead of cutting down young plants for fuel, residents will be encouraged to use gas, coal, or legal firewood. Wild plants will be protected through competitions and festivals to raise awareness of the importance of climate conservation. Students will participate in tree-planting activities and competitions to promote environmental consciousness.

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